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Diaspora makes an Impact in Prilep Hospital

Dejan Adzioski is a Macedonian living in Switzerland who made a large donation to the hospital of his native town. The donation includes 20 respirators that are worth 200,000 euros and are sourced from the company BCD Microtechnique, whose owner is a former colleague and friend of Adzioski. 

In an interview for the Macedonian portal InfoKompas, Dejan stated that before he organized this donation he had made 1000 plastic face covers to help people fend-off the covid-19 pandemic. 

Adzioski was in Prilep in early December to bid a farewell to his grandfather who had passed due to complications caused by the virus. In the interview, Adzioski says that he saw the conditions in the General Hospital (Opshta Bolnica) in Prilep, saw the deficiencies, and decided to make a targeted effort for an improvement. 
Dejan Adzioski encourages all Macedonians who are living around the world to get in touch with the relevant institutions and with the mayors or city councils and inquire about helping out: “We have to become engaged and help… now is the time to save lives.”

Adzioski stated that there are many people who desire to make a change in Macedonia and that they have to connect between one another and explore ways to help.


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