About Macedonian News

Macedonian News Access

Macedonia Times is an Australian-headquartered news portal reporting on current Macedonian news daily. International readers can find the latest and most important Macedonian news in English.

Our news desk caters to an audience of readers looking for information about events and issues taking place in the country in an unbiased manner and according to the highest journalistic principles.

Macedonia Times provides free access to news articles and thereby fills the gap left by Macedonian news portals that publish news in the Macedonian language only. The editors of Macedonia Times strive to provide the readers with articles about issues, events and people that are important to Macedonia and Macedonians around the world.

Macedonia Times publishes fact-based Macedonian news in the area of human rights, corruption, politics, international relations, Macedonian minority rights in neighboring countries, culture, sport and more.

A key founding principle of Macedonia Times is to inform international audiences about Macedonian human rights issues at a time when the right to self-determination of Macedonians on the Balkan peninsula is being suppressed as a matter of state policy in a number of countries.