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FK Vardar Fans “Komiti” Make a Humanitarian Impact for the New Year

The die-hard supporters of football club Vardar known as Komiti have organized another humanitarian donation titled “Give your Heart – Steal a Smile” in which they served New Year’s packets of sweets and plush animals to children of vulnerable categories in Skopje over the weeked. 

Komiti distributed the donation to humanitarian institutions and centers including the Center for the homeless at Chichino Selo, the “May 25” group home for homeless children, the Clinic for Child Diseases, the Association for children and youths with special needs and the homeless shelter in the village Vizbegovo. 

Via their Komigi Skopje Facebook page, the supporters of the most trophied Macedonian football club have organized a blood drive on December 29 in which they donated blood for the Blod Transfusion Center with the help of the “Dare Djambaz” Red Cross center in Skopje.

Organizing humanitarian actions is not the only passion for Komiti. The group has been actively fighting to save their football club from going down following a troublesome period marked by debt and organizational instability. 

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