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UMD Donates $50,000 to Target COVID in Macedonia

Tapping into the potential of Macedonians around the world, UMD has collected and donated $50,000 to help the Pulmonary clinic which is part of the Mother Theresa medical complex.

Representatives of the Washington D.C.-based organization United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) conducted a working visit to Macedonia where they met with foreign ambassadors, Macedonian politicians, domestic and international companies and organizations.

The organization’s mission of the working visit was to learn about the needs of a new Pulmonary clinic in Skopje, which was opened in order to provide additional support in alleviating the COVID-19 pandemic and the overcrowded hospitals around the country.

According to latest reports on the covid situation from the country, the number of deaths may soon reach 2000 (1977 as of December 6), while the number of new infections in the period between November 30 and December 6 is 4.2% lower compared to the previous period, according to the national statistics agency. The Skopje region leads with 10969 active covid cases.

The official press release from UMD can be read on the organization’s website.

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