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Macedonian Opposition announces country wide blockades to stop national treason

The leader of Macedonia’s opposition and largest political party VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, has warned of national treason and announced that from tomorrow supporters will place blockades in three places in the capital Skopje and further ten cities throughout the country until the document that is being negotiated with Sofia is disclosed.

“Every day starting tomorrow to block Skopje and ten cities in Macedonia in the period from 15 to 17 o’clock in three places, until the public is shown the document ‘Roadmap’, or as you like to call it, which was negotiated by the Zaev-Buckovski duo with official Sofia, and refers to the acceptance of the Declaration adopted in the Bulgarian parliament in 2019, to be part of the negotiation process or, to be more precise, it is the first cluster ‘fundamentalals’ or chapter. “If this is part of the negotiation process, we will be faced with a double choice, and that is either assimilation – Bulgarianization one day when we complete the reforms and be part of the EU or freezing and abandoning the dream of an EU,” Mickoski said.

Mickoski outlined that the party has learned from diplomatic sources in Brussels and Sofia that Bulgaria’s demands which where adopted by its Parliament will be part of Macedonia’s framework with the EU.

“From that moment on, the bilateral problem we have with official Sofia, which refers to the uniqueness of the Macedonian people, culture, tradition, customs, Macedonian language, anti-fascist struggle, all those problems contained in the Declaration adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament will be we will have it with the European Union”, from a bilateral problem, it will grow into a problem between Macedonia and the European Union,” added the leader of VMRO-DPMNE.

Mickoski called on all opposition parties to join the blockades in order to prevent national treason.

He also made a direct plea to EU officials,

“I appeal to you, leave these hegemonic demands from official Sofia that deny the uniqueness of the Macedonian language, identity, history, culture, customs, and adhere to the values ​​on which the idea of ​​the EU is based. Give us a date to start negotiations with you and that date to be now, June 21st. This nation deserves it. Maybe Zoran Zaev and this Government do not deserve it, certainly not, but this nation deserves it. “We are for dignified negotiations and we will show you that we can and deserve to be part of you at that table,” Mickoski said.

Bulgaria has blocked Macedonia’s EU path, following the footsteps of Greece in denying a Macedonian nation and demands Macedonians “admit’ their Bulgarian roots in order to open the way for EU accession talks.




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