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Macedonian Film Wins Best Film Award at Paris Film Festival

The first feature film by Macedonian movie director Ilija Piperkoski, titled Grandfather and Nephew, has been given the “Best Film” award at the International Film Festival in Paris.

Grandfather and Nephew has won five previous awards at international film festivals, among which one is for “Best Director” at th Buddha International Film Festival, as well as a prize for Outstanding Contribution to the World of Cinema at the 4-th Dimension Independent Film Festival.

The movie’s Director of Photography Patru Paunescu has received two awards for best photography.

Ilija Piperkoski’s dramatic story is about a doctor who feels remorse after having lost a young patient, however, there are multiple characters whose relations are shown for all their complexity.

Grandfather and Nephew was produced by Ognen Antov of Dream Factory and features actors like Salaetin Bilal who also appears in Manchevski’s Bones, Dejan Lilikj who is a mainstay of the Macedonian theatre scene, Daniela Ivanovska and other actors, including the 12-year-old Naum Cvetkoski.

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