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Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Dimitrov could face a no-confidence vote

The national assembly is due to interpellate deputy prime minister for European integration Nikola Dimitrov today. Opposition MPs have submitted a motion that would require Dimitrov to respond to questions in Parliament regarding Macedonia’s agreement with Bulgaria and the status of the ongoing talks.

Dimitrov’s failure to honor multiple invitations to take part in the Parliamentary Commission for Foreign Relations headed by VMRO’s Antonijo Miloshoski prompted the interpellation.

The opposition has accused the government of keeping the nation in the dark regarding matters of national importance. These are directed at the contents of the Bulgarian proposal for an Annex to the ‘Friendship Agreement’ and the concessions that have been allegedly made by Macedonian negotiators, on behalf of the government which the public hasn’t been informed about. Both Dimitrov and foreign minister Bujar Osamani have been called. 

If Parliament votes to interpellate Nikola Dimitrov, the deputy prime minister will be obliged to take the Parliament floor and answer questions from MPs, with the possibility of a call for a no-confidence vote which could relieve the deputy prime minister from his current role.
This is unlikely as the opposition does not have enough parliamentary votes.

In addition to Nikola Dimitrov, the opposition has motioned to interpellation of two other government ministers: Bojan Marichik – minister for justice and Ljupco Nikolovski who is part of the prime minister’s office for fight against corruption. The opposition VMRO deems both members of the government unfit for their roles following news of Macedonia falling to its lowest point ever on the international corruption index.

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