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Mobile app from Macedonia most downloaded game in US

A team of app developers from Macedonia has succeeded in creating one of those small but ingenious games for mobiles that people just love to toy around with. The game called Tie Dye has become the number one game downloaded in the United States, with more than 75 million downloads since it appeared on Google Play and Apple app stores.

The game is quite simple – users can apply various dies on a t-shirt that’s tied in a bun, hence the name Tie Dye. The effect is a pretty neat and highly randomized virtual garment that looks like the millions of shirts that have been worn in the United States since the 60s.

The studio behind the game is called Furious Avocado. Their website say that the designers “take fun seriously” and you can tell they do because they have a couple of other games that are ‘good’ for killing time, or procrastinating on important tasks.

tie dye app game graphic
game graphic
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