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Key Institutions Call for the Preservation of Macedonian Dignity

Three key institutions of the Macedonian society have released a joined letter titled Macedonian Manifesto where they express concern about the “absurd” demands by Bulgaria which prevent the country from moving forward in talks with the European Union.

The heads of the respective institutions are encouraging the Government, the President of the Macedonian state, the National Assembly, other institutions of the state and professional groups and societies to participate in the negotiations with Bulgaria from an equal and principled position and to respect the dignity of the Macedonian people.

At the top of the list of statements of the “Macedonian Manifesto” the involved actors in the negotiations are asked to give an unconditional respect for the findings that have been presented by the societal, humanistic and cultural sciences about the autochtonous characteristics of the Macedonian people and its historic, linguistic, cultural and religious continuity.

The President of the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Ljupco Kotsarev; the Archbishop of the Macedonian Church of Ohrid, gospodin gospodin Stefan; and the Rector of the Saints Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Dr Nikola Jankulovski have signed a manifesto that cites universal principles that ought to be respected towards a dignified resolution of the bilateral issue.

The note that calls for respecting the UN conventions and declarations, especially regarding the right to self-determination is to remind the Bulgarian side that its unrealistic expectations of the Macedonian government are breaking with internationally-accepted principles.

The heads of the said institutions are requesting that the actors in the political process must avoid creating a conflict environment in the country, maintain the peace and work towards creating prosperity, alternatives, democracy and life of dignity.

Nurturing “love for the country and state” are the final words of the Macedonian Manifesto.

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