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EU Commission to investigate Bulgaria’s abuses against Macedonian minority

The European Parliament is planning to launch an investigation into Bulgaria’s civic rights violations concerning the Macedonian minority in that country, reported Macedonian media based on a personal report today by the Bulgarian democracy and human rights activist Mihail Mihailov-Stefanov.

Mihail Mihailov-Stefanov had petitioned the EU Parliament in December 2020 with a request for an investigation into the matter of human rights violations against the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria.

Dolores Montseratt – member of the Petitions Commission at the European Parliament, stated in a return letter that the Committee has accepted his petition and will request from the European Commission a preliminary investigation into the matter.

Mihailov-Stefanov shared the news with much enthusiasm, saying:

“Although Bulgaria’s totalitarian parties, like GERB and VMRO-BND, departed the political scene, my petition will provide additional encouragement to the other parties to respect human rights and the right to self-determination.

It remains to be seen whether the change in government in Bulgaria will results in a “green light” for Macedonia’s EU path. As Boyko Borissov is not the prime minister now and the new government will have to explain to the EU why Bulgaria does not respect decisions made by the European Court for Human Rights.

I believe the new rulers [of Bulgaria] will be pressed to make changes,” stated Mihailov-Stefanov in a video address.

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