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Accuracy of Covid numbers in Macedonia being disputed

Renowned heart surgeon Zhan Mitrev has called into question the Covid numbers released by the Ministry of Health for the month of January after it cited Covid deaths from the Zhan Mitrev Clinic without including the number of casualties in other institutions.

The discrepancy in reporting could be part of a series of similar events across multiple countries, as was cited in research from the American Council on Science and Health.

In a released statement by Dr. Mitrev, he specified that the 14 patients who died due to Covid complications at the Zhan Mitrev Clinic were taken out of context and the ministry did not specifying the Covid casualties from other private and state health clinics.

Dr. Mitrev accused the ministry of causing damage to the reputation of his clinic, demanding an apology.

A disclaimer issued by the Zhan Mitrev Clinic states that the total number of people who have died due to Covid in January around the country is 286; of those only 14 people have died in the clinic.

Macedonia is part of a list of countries which may not have reported the correct number of Covid cases, according to the American Council on Science and Health.

An analysis conducted by Alex Berezow, PhD on February 2, 2021 suggests that some countries have either misrepresented Covid data or haven’t counted the number of cases and casualties adequately.

The analysis applies Covid data reported by national institutions into a formulation of Benford’s Law to show that multiple countries which include Russia, Poland, Albania and the United States may have a discrepancy between the true number of Covid cases.

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