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UEFA rejects Greek demands on name, FFM attacked by far right Greeks on social media

UEFA has rejected the Greek Sport and Foreign Minister demands that the Football Federation of Macedonia should change its name, with the hostility from the Greek side inspiring a deluge of racists attack on the FFM social media channels by far right Greeks.

In rejecting the Greek demands, the House of European Football replacement General Secretary, Kevin Lamour, says that UEFA follows the example of other sports institutions such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and uses the code (MKD) of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and this is in accordance with Article 1, paragraph 3, from The Prespa Agreement.

The Greek Ministers demands on FFM are inspiring a wave of far right Greek hate on social media, with the Football Federation of Macedonia’s social media accounts being bombarded with hate speech.

Comments like, “Monkeydonia”, “two days and you will be Greece”, “Skopje not Macedonia”, “Fake Makedonia” and “Macedonia is Greek” can be seen all over the social channels with the Federation’s Instagram page being mostly effected.

So far the social media moderation teams have not taken any action to remove the hate speech.

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