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Two Macedonian wines praised from world-renowned wine critic

One of the world’s most respected wine experts and critics, Tara Q. Thomas, has given high praise to two of Stobi’s wines.

Thomas, in her review in the Wine & Spirits magazine, gave the 2015 Stobi Veritas Private Reserve 91 points.

The critic describes the wine as potent and red, with perfect aroma, sour notes and a taste of the tannins.

This reserve from Stobi has been awarded six gold medals at prestigious wine expos around the world.

Another of Stobi’s wines, the 2019 Vranec Classic, received 86 points – again, an impressive grade from amongst hundreds of competitors in its class.

Thomas described the taste as containing a black plum aroma and hints of chocolate. She called the 2019 Vranec a “treasure” that you can have for a decent price.

Stobi is one of Macedonia’s biggest wineries. Its premises on the A1 highway, south of Veles and not far from the archaeological site Stobi, attracts international and domestic visitors.

The winery commented that they are proud for being able to demonstrate to the world that Macedonia has quality wines that reach international recognition.

Macedonia Tours offers a premium 1 day wine tour of the Stobi winery and archaeological site, which includes wine tasting Stobi’s finest selection and a unique culinary experience.

Martin Anastasovski
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