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Visit the Ancient Macedonian Royal Tomb near Prilep [Virtual Tour]

The Skopje based association Concept for Culture has released a virtual tour of a Royal Macedonian tomb located between the villages of Podmol and Bonce, near Prilep.

The archeological site officially called Pavla Chuka, is a masonry monumental Macedonian Macedonian tomb. The tomb is partially buried in a rock with a masonry chamber, atrium, dromos and perimeter wall. The tomb was covered with earth, creating a mound about 100 meters in diameter. The tomb is the same type as the Macedonian tombs found in Aegean Macedonia, Greece.

The location was the center of attention after a sensational discovery of the remains   ancient Macedonian royal shields where discovered by a farmer last decade. The find was near the royal Macedonian tomb which can now be enjoyed via a virtual tour here.

The association works on the promotion of the cultural and historical heritage of Macedonia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, is in the process of making 40 virtual walks (20 churches and monasteries and 20 archeological sites).

A preliminarily archeological study was done of the area in 2015 and can be viewed below.


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