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Start of DUI’s local election campaign in Cair commences with gunfire [Video]

Recently ethnic Albanians largest political party, which has been in government since it transformed from the National Liberation Army to the Democratic Party of Integration (DUI) has tried to rebrand itself into a green party and shift its international image away from its gun-ho past.

This has been easier said than done.

At the opening of the headquarters for the local elections, the First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, the current mayor and candidate for a second term in Cair Visar Ganiu and the MP, DUI vice president and former mayor of the municipality, Izet Medziti addressed the audience.

Izet Medziti’s speech was met with applause and gunfire, something that has become a tradition as a means to display the political party’s might and disregard for the law in the country.

Regardless of DUI’s attempts at re-branding as a green party, it must put its guns down and show real reform in following the rule of law.


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