Bulgarian far right parade in Macedonia’s capital Skopje

A small Bulgarian far-right group, waving flags of WWII Nazi King, Bulgarian Tsar Boris paraded in Macedonia’s capital Skopje yesterday with local police providing security.

The group displayed flags of Bulgaria’s far-right VMRO party, which openly promotes Macedonia’s annexation into Bulgaria and encourages discrimination against Macedonians around the world.

The far-right parade comes amid rising tension in which the new Bulgarian government claims Bulgarians in Macedonia are discriminated against while denying the existence of its own Macedonian minority.

Bulgaria occupied today’s Macedonian Republic in WWII while siding with Nazi Germany, which resulted in the deportation and murder of thousands of Macedonian Jews and the death of tens of thousands of ethnic Macedonians.

After the “Prespa Agreement” between Macedonia and Greece, Bulgaria signed then broke the “Friendship Agreement” in which it would assist Macedonia with its EU integration – instead veoting the start of Macedonia’s EU accession talks.

Bulgaria now places outrageous demands on Macedonia in which Macedonians must ‘admit’ their grandparents were Bulgarians and their language is in fact Bulgarian if they wish to continue on their EU.